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Writers’ Workshop!

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019

May 18, 2019 1-3 pm

Kate’s House of Occasional Cheesecake in Forest Park, IL

KHOC is a private residence near the Harlem Blue Line ‘L’ Stop in Forest Park, IL. If you plan to attend the Writers’ Workshop, please contact Kate (in advance) at [kate at moebiustheatre dot net] and she will provide the address.

As you might expect, a Moebius writers’ workshop is a rigorous and tightly-structured affair that requires you to reserve a slot for your finished manuscript in advance… ARE YOU BUYING THIS??? Whazzamatta with you? (slap!) Just show up. Bring a script if you have one. Bring a partial script. Bring a nebulous premise.* Even if you got nothing, show up and we’ll bat around some ideas and read whatever we get. We’ll also talk about scheduling ongoing workshops going forward as we go.

If you have a script you’d like to have read, bring one hard copy per character.  Given the short timeframe and the irons we currently have in the fire, it would make sense to focus on short works (comedy sketches, quick audio pieces…) but really bring whatever you’ve got. This workshop will end promptly at 3:00 for footnoted reasons.**

Hey out-of-town company members: (and in-towners too): If you cannot attend the workshop but want feedback on a script, send it to Lisa and she’ll feed it to the raving jackals* for their helpful comments.

*Nebulous Premise is a good band name. Better than Raving Jackals which is pedestrian; We bet some band is already using it… and playing wedding dances. Jackal of Hearts would be a good name for a wedding band.

**Comedians on Wheels! – After the Workshop on May 18, some of us plan to head to Moebius Member Erin’s Roller Skating fundraiser (to benefit the American Cancer Society) at the Lombard Roller Rink, at 4-6 pm. See here for more information.