Moebius Theatre to present live audio theatre production of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol this December! (More information)

Convention committees and other event planners:

Are you looking for a great theatre company to perform at your convention or other event? Moebius Theatre, now celebrating its 30th anniversary, has produced everything from science fiction sketch comedy to murder mysteries to live audio theatre to full length drama. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities that are Moebius.

Talented people with an interest in science fiction:

Are you a Chicago-area actor, director, writer, or theatre techie who enjoys producing science fiction for the live theatre? Moebius Theatre provides ongoing writing, production, and performance opportunities in the areas of sketch comedy, improvisation, full-length drama and comedy, environmental theatre, and live audio theatre. Moebius focuses primarily on works in the science fiction genre, but has been know to foray outside that realm on occasion. Contact us today to explore the endless opportunities that are Moebius.