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AUDITION NOTICE: (If potentially interested, please read immediately. PREPARED auditions to take place on JUNE 9th)

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

Under the esteemed auspices of Moebius Theatre, I will be directing the U.S. premiere production of E. Michael Blake’s play, Reply From Extraterrestrial Intelligence, this fall.

The performances will take place at Madison Street Theatre, on Madison Street (go figure!) near Harlem, in Oak Park. It is walking distance from blue and green line CTA stops.

The exact performance dates are still being set, but the likeliest dates will be September 26-29 with fall back dates (depending on venue availability and casting) of Sept 19-22 or Oct 3-6.


(from the playwright)
Reply from Extraterrestrial Intelligence is a 90-minute monologue about nitrogen.  OK, there’s some other stuff in there too, but the nitrogen theme-line is pretty important and pays off significantly in the second act.

This is a one-character, but potentially multi-actor, play about an alien who finds one of our probes with information about Earth and, because the probe was part of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, s/he replies to it.  The play is the reply.

The alien (of a gender that is . . . complicated) is alone on a spaceship that wanders around, outside the interstellar culture to which her/his species belongs, as part of a sort-of mutually-agreed-upon exile decreed by her/his stodgy extended family.

There is also the implied presence of “System,” an artificial intelligence that runs the ship. The alien talks to the audience, but can’t react to it, because the transmission is coming from a few light-months away from Earth.  The stage includes a projection screen that carries images that fill out the alien’s monologue.

The first act is the alien’s initial broadcast to Earth.  The second act, 18 months later, is another broadcast, following the reaction on Earth to the first broadcast.  The play is, just about entirely, a comedy, But There Are Moments.



The sole role will be portrayed by two actors with each actor taking the role for one act and being a SOLID understudy for the other act. This means you must be comfortable with memorizing and possibly performing 90 minutes worth of monologue. The role was not written for a particular gender, race, or age (other than “adult”) and I will not be casting based on any particular physical attributes.

Although there will probably be a few read-throughs and line rehearsals in June and July, rehearsals will begin in earnest in early August. It is expected, however, that anyone cast will be memorizing the script over the months of June and July and will come into the August rehearsals WITH THE SCRIPT COMPLETELY MEMORIZED. If your schedule and commitments will not allow this, it is probably best not to audition. There is no-pay.


Sunday, June 9, 2013, 1-5pm
You will NOT need to be present for the entire time period. Auditions will be scheduled in 15 minute time slots for each actor on a first-come, first-pick basis. So the sooner you let me know you are auditioning the better a selection you will have (hint, hint). Contact me via email to schedule your audition.

Oak Park Public Library Main Branch, second floor Small Meeting Room
834 Lake St. Oak Park

If you cannot make the scheduled auditions I will consider scheduling a time on another date between June 4 and June 11; just contact me right away.

IMPORTANTYOU WILL REQUIRED TO MEMORIZE AND PERFORM A SPECIFIC PORTION OF THE SCRIPT, which will be sent to you contact me indicating an interest in auditioning. In addition, you may be asked to read from other portions of the script as well.

I will also need a resume and photo (not necessarily a professional headshot) from folks I don’t know (or whose acting experience I don’t know well).


I am very pleased to announce that Pete Pollack has agreed to be the show’s Technical Director, and Ralph Scotese has agreed to serve as Production Designer.


I am still looking for a Publicity/House Manager. In brief, this person would be responsible for the online ticketing and discount ticket programs; online marketing through Facebook, Meetups, etc; printing and distribution of promotional materials and programs; running the box office at the venue on show nights; and recruiting/training/managing ushers for the run. If you think you would be interested in taking on all or part of these responsibilities, please let me know right away.


In addition, I am also seeking the services of one or more skilled graphic artists, preferably one with 3d modelling skills and possibly experience with Power Point, to help create the extensive slide presentation that is essential to the show.

Interested? Have questions? Contact me!

Kate Graham, Director